Plug&Play is the term used for a computing protocol allowing peripherals to be immediately connected without downloading a program or instructions for use. In applying it to our business, you arrive in Spain and continue on with your business or enjoy the magic of the city. The Plug&Play team works on, manages, organises and resolves all sorts of issues for you!

Plug&Play was born out of an eagerness to make everyday things easier when they can otherwise jam up and slow down expatriation or entrepreneurism (or even the two). It’s an all-new service connected to the practical side of life somewhere between a Personal Assistant and Relocation. We’ve decided to call it concierge services for expatriates and Plug&Play is proud to be the 1st service of this kind in Barcelona.

Everyone has the right to cultivate their own area of expertise, particularly by outsourcing frustrating or time-consuming tasks. Everyone has the right to stay concentrated on their own goals and lower their mental load by passing on certain logistics and administrative hassles to others. Everyone can ask for a bit of help and recognise they are sometimes or even often not able to do certain things.

service d'installation expatriation Barcelone
✔ Ours is the service all those with a fear of bureaucracy just love.
✔ The service expatriates dream of having upon arriving in Barcelona.
✔ The service entrepreneurs use to enhance their own skills.
✔ The service companies want to offer their most talented employees.


We’ve got all types of clients and they all have one thing in common: a desire to save time, money and energy.

services pour entrepreneurs


Our clients include ENTREPRENEURS with a company in France and a desire to develop a subsidiary in Spain. They can’t stop working while settling in and calling us is about being able to enjoy their new life.

Assistance pour particulier à Barcelone


Our clients include EMPLOYEES living between various countries with a need for professional assistance to purchase a primary residence in Barcelona. They haven’t got the time or language skills to secure a loan or complete the transaction.

Aide installation famille à Barcelone


We assist FAMILIES with all the logistics and administrative bureaucracy involved with their international lifestyle: renting and then purchasing a home, organisational tasks, handling papers for all members of the family, including their car.

service assistance expatriés à Barcelone


Our clients include EXPATRIATES experiencing major personal and professional changes who need some expert assistance to free themselves of all the paperwork. We also help them when going back to their home countries.

Aide administrative seniors à Barcelone

Senior citizens

Our clients include SENIOR CITIZENS wanting to retire under the sun in the best possible conditions who delegate all the administrative procedures as they aren’t proficient in their new country’s language or all the workings of the healthcare system.

assistance entreprises à Barcelone


Our clients include COMPANIES with HR departments that want to make the whole process easier for their new employees coming from abroad to help them settle down in their new home and overcome all the new challenges.



Audrey Marin-Lafleche


Allow me to introduce myself: My name’s Audrey Marin-Lafleche and I’m 42 years old. I was constantly on the go as a child – 10 schools, 18 moves. I’ve got an undergraduate degree in law and two graduate degrees in intellectual property and legal communications techniques. My training in the school of life came with 12 years dedicated to internet advertising, the web and the world of start-ups.

After becoming an expert in project launches, I packed by bags and headed for Barcelona in 2012. Although it was love at first sight, landing in the city of sun and blue skies was not all fun and games. I decided to gear my career towards service, particularly service with a meaning – helping others and making their lives easier. At the time, the Plug&Play service was simply a dream – something I would have liked to have found upon arriving in Barcelona.

My 3 keywords: engagement, methodology and quality.

To bring companies added value!
I’m fascinated by the world of entrepreneurism. Just how many projects have fallen apart and missed the boat because their management teams wasted their time and energy on tedious matters? Our mission is achieved as soon as our clients thank us for having allowed them to concentrate on the essentials and on what brings them value.

My passion for diving has led me to becoming a PADI Divemaster and a professional guide in Southeast Asia. Through that I realised something quite simple: you can concentrate on the magic of underwater life and the pleasure of discovery only if you’re proficient with the safety precautions and equipment.
The same is true with Administrative Concierge work.

A fan of process and methodology creation, I love finding that one little thing that makes everything click to get out of a difficult situation.


Our experts are there to help you, fully believing in the Plug&Play values: engagement, quality and methodology. They’ve all got one thing in common: 1 miracle each day!

Emmanuelle D.

Consultant - PA & Office Management

From Personal Assistant to Office Manager at a start-up as well as an event planner, I’ve spent 25 years helping, supporting, organising and solving business and personal problems. Having moved to Barcelona 15 years ago, I had to deal with all the government offices and their bureaucracy all by myself as there were no concierge services back then! I love this constantly changing city and how it stimulates my ability to adapt.

Flexibility, multi-tasking and empathy. I feel strongly about completing the missions we’re entrusted with and bend backwards to ensure they’re a success.

Juggling! Between your professional and personal imperatives, deadlines, administrative requirements… always with a smile and excellent checklists.

Alix D.

Consultant - Practical Life

After a career in export and project management, I now dedicate my talent to Customer Care: I look after your needs as a newly-arrived client in Barcelona so your arrival is as peaceful as possible. Backed by 15 years of experience in Barcelona, I love the frenzy and bustle of this city. I’m quite pleased with the life I’ve built: my (large) family and my job.

• A relentless capacity for organisation and anticipation
• Efficient budget and logistics management
• Formidable effectiveness

A super consultant and a supermom, I’m able to understand and adapt to the daily situations life presents with (practically) a quick wave of the wand. Finding solutions is second nature to me.

Ludovic L.

Consultant - Trafico

My career revolves around customer service and operational support. I’m in charge of Vehicle and Driver issues: registration, licenses, insurance, renting, resident parking, fines… Passionate about new technologies, I love suggesting new tools and improving processes to save time and achieve efficiency. I’m thrilled to have lived in Barcelona for six years now.

Organised and methodical, I’m naturally oriented towards performance and, thus, the success of the missions you entrust us with.

I’ve got 2: Lightning fast diagnostics and discovering new tips and tricks! I can quickly identify your problems and suggest an adapted and reliable solution. Likewise, I love discovering new products and/or services that make life easier and better meet your needs.

Laura S.

Personal Assistant - Relocation

I’ve lived in Barcelona for 20 years and Concierge – Personal Assistance services are quite the revelation. After working in special event management and project management in the fashion industry, I now offer personalised support to enhance the daily lives of expatriates in Barcelona. Of course I’m more than familiar with everyday issues, but I also know the ins and outs of backwards scheduling when it comes to moves and organising.

With an immense ability to anticipate and good intuition for finding flaws, I just love being in “project management” mode. I really appreciate the gratitude I receive after successfully completing a mission!

Optimism and good vibes! They’re very much needed for all those little surprises personal assistance can bring!











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