What is the purpose of the NIE?

You have just arrived to settle in Spain and you think that your identity card from your country of origin is enough?  Error!!!!!

All foreigners, whether European Union nationals or not, must obtain the NIE (Identification Number of Foreigners) if they reside in Spain for more than three months. This concerns employees but also spouses, children, pensioners, interns,...

In concrete terms, what does it consist of?

First of all, because this number allows them to identify themselves, as would our identity card in France. But it is also essential for many processes.

  • to open a bank account,
  • to find rental accommodation,
  • to buy a property or a car,
  • to install internet or get a phone line,
  • to enroll your children in public school,
  • to contract a mutual insurance company,
  • to pay taxes,
  • to open a business or develop an entrepreneurial activity...
  • but also, to rent a Bicing (bicycles at your disposal),
  • to apply for the large family card which will offer you many advantages,
  • to get an insurance for your child during a school trip,
  • to get special discounts for residents....

As you understand, obtaining the NIE is the first step to take.

Depending on the situation (for example, you are not yet a resident or your situation has not stabilized), you can first apply for a temporary ENI to be renewed after 3 months, which will allow you to start the first administrative procedures and confirm them with a permanent ENI.

In the end, it is a small card on green paper that will often be asked of you... Above all, good luck with the rest of the steps because it is only just beginning!

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