Who has never needed a hand? 

External assistance, advice, operational support or occasional help are often welcome in our daily lives. Especially when you have just moved to a new city such as Barcelona or in times of stress, overwork and overloaded daily life.

By using a team of professionals, you avoid mistakes, scams and waste of time.

From here we can see the picture: the work imperatives and objectives, the race to manage your children’s different activities, the boxes that accumulate in the living room, the drama of the empty fridge, and the view of the endless queue on Gran Via at the Centro Trafico makes you crack… This is the sign that you need to delegate with confidence and to be supported without judgment in your daily life!

Before finishing with your head underwater and nerves in a ball, it is better to dare to ask for help and talk about your needs. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of valuable support when you can be supported by a third party with an objective and caring eye.

(100% of the winners have tried their luck!)

Make your life easier by agreeing to delegate certain administrative procedures or to be supported by experts !

Gone are the administrative worries, domestic hazards and cultural differences;

This is the saving of time and energy, the serenity and the possibility of focusing on the essential.

Be confident: Barcelona Plug & Play will take care of things, free you from intellectual availability in order to make your life more comfortable.

You can then connect to life in Barcelona !